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Riding the AI Wave: Nvidia Shares Skyrocket 180% in 2023, with Massive Growth Potential Ahead

Shares of Nvidia, the semiconductor giant, have soared by 180% in 2023, fueled by the boom in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Last month, the company’s Q1 results revealed a 64% YoY jump in revenue driven by the accelerating growth of its data center business. Nvidia's dominant market position in AI chips (95% control of GPUs) indicates that it is only just at the start of a massive growth curve.

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Our content discovery engine pulls the most relevant articles based on your search criteria.

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Use the “stash” feature to add your own URLs. This can be a blog, news website, or any interesting content you find on the internet.

You can used stashed articles along with articles you’ve selected from the newsfeed.


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We generate your newsletter in the background so don’t need to wait while a newsletter is being generated.


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Edit and Export

edit and export

Use our state of the art block-style editor to make any final tweaks.

The editor supports markdown, drag and drop, and has an intuitive “/” command to guide you when needed.

You can download the newsletter as a HTML file or copy it as Rich Text to paste it into any email provider.

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Meet The Founders

Mac Austin founder image
Mac Austin

Mac Austin, a serial entrepreneur and co-founder, brings his vast experience and unique insights to our enterprise. With two previous successful exits in the ecommerce sector, Mac has a track record of spotting trends, capitalizing on market opportunities, and building sustainable businesses from the ground up - 100% bootstrapped.

His seasoned understanding of consumer behavior and digital ecosystems positions us for rapid growth and success. Mac's relentless drive, coupled with his forward-thinking mentality, anchors our strategy and helps shape the vision for our venture.

Together, Tanveer and Mac have forged a dynamic team, striving to unearth valuable tools for the creator economy with their combined expertise and vision. Their shared commitment to innovative solutions and customer-focused strategies serves as the foundation of our business. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey.

Tanveer Sehgal founder image
Tanveer Sehgal

As a seasoned entrepreneur with a proven track record building and selling 7-figure digital businesses, Tanveer brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. Before co-founding this venture, Tanveer successfully exited a prior ecommerce startup, exemplifying his prowess in building scalable and successful businesses.

Tanveer's robust understanding of the digital marketplace and his sharp eye for innovation make him an instrumental figure in our venture.

Tanveer's experience, leadership, paired with his deep understanding of programming underpin his approach, setting the standard for our team. His entrepreneurial journey continues to inspire and propel our business, as we strive to break new ground and redefine the creator economy.


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