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All the summaries below have been generated by AI.


All the summaries below have been generated by AI.

Shares of Nvidia, the semiconductor giant, have soared by 180% in 2023, fueled by the boom in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Last month, the company’s Q1 results revealed a 64% YoY jump in revenue driven by the accelerating growth of its data center business. Nvidia’s dominant market position in AI chips (95% control of GPUs) indicates that it is only just at the start of a massive growth curve.


All the summaries below have been generated by AI.

Actor Jeremy Strong joined GQ and luxury fashion brand Loro Piana for an intimate candlelit dinner during Milan Fashion Week.

The dinner party was held in the Cloisters of San Simpliciano and was attended by a number of high-profile guests from the fashion industry, including Yoon Ahn and Moses Sumney. Strong, who stars in the hit TV show Succession, is a fan of Loro Piana and has been known to study the history and craftsmanship of the Italian luxury brand.


The Women of the Mountains': A Thrilling Film Follows Female Downhill Skateboarders on Their Journey Across Europe in a Quest to Raise Awareness and Recognition for the Sport

A new film entitled ‘The Women of the Mountains’ follows the journey of female downhill skateboarders as they travel across Europe in the hope of raising the profile of the sport.

The film features German Jenny Schauerte, Belgian Jasmijn Hanegraef, Dutch Lisa Peters and Colombian Alejandra Gutierrez as they skate from London to a monastery in Turkey.


Peter Singer advocates for veganism as a moral obligation to protect both animals and the environment

Peter Singer’s book ‘Animal Liberation Now’ has been updated and re-released, bringing back his decades-long advocacy for animal and environmental protection.

In an interview with Emily Bazelon for Slate’s ‘Gabfest Reads’ series, Singer discusses the environmental benefits of adopting a vegan lifestyle, particularly the reduction of greenhouse gases caused by the meat and dairy industry’s methane emissions.


Puma relocates marketing operations to Germany to elevate brand potential

Sportswear brand Puma is moving its marketing operations from Boston to Germany to speed up decision-making and increase its focus on ‘elevating’ the brand. CEO Arne Freundt said the relocation would bring the marketing team closer to Puma’s creative direction and global business units as part of a brand potential re-assessment.

Puma’s reorganisation follows Freundt’s appointment in November and the addition of new C-suite executives in December and March. Meanwhile, Fanatics has acquired Fexpro to expand its international footprint.

How You Can Create A Newsletter In Under 2 Minutes!


Create a Newsfeed

Enter your niche, topic, market, or any keyword.

Our content discovery engine pulls the most relevant articles based on your search criteria.

We dig out high quality content from all corners of the internet.

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You can select as many articles as you’d like across as many newsfeeds as you’d like.

There are no limits!

Use the “stash” feature to add your own URLs. This can be a blog, news website, or any interesting content you find on the internet.

You can used stashed articles along with articles you’ve selected from the newsfeed.



Generate Newsletter

Select the tone you want your newsletter to have. Do you want it to be exciting? funny? serious?

Click on generate, sit back and relax.

You can generate multiple newsletters at the same time.

We generate your newsletter in the background so don’t need to wait while a newsletter is being generated.



Edit and Export

Use our state of the art block-style editor to make any final tweaks.

The editor supports markdown, drag and drop, and has an intuitive “/” command to guide you when needed.

You can download the newsletter as a HTML file or copy it as Rich Text to paste it into any email provider.

Don’t like the final edited version of your newsletter?

Use the “reset newsletter” button to go back to the AI generated version.




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Designed for businesses and individuals who prefer the flexibility of month-to-month subscription.

  • Unlimited newsletters
  • Unlimited newsfeeds with hyper-targeted search functionality.
  • Export any email service provider (works with Beehiiv, ConvertKit, SubStack, and many more)
  • Unlimited access to customer support.

$97 billed monthly


What is Neural Newsletters?

Neural Newsletters is a powerful engine that helps users create and publish engaging newsletters using AI technology.

By integrating with AI text generation tools and sourcing news articles from news publishers, our platform generates high-quality content tailored to your audiences preferences and interests within minutes.

How does Neural Newsletters work?

The app features a flexible and fluid built-in editor, AI-powered content generation in various tones, a searchable database of articles on any topic, and a system to automatically generate, format, and save newsletters.

It also allows for easy exporting of newsletters to your email service provider.

What integrations does Neural Newsletters offer?

Neural Newsletters plans to integrate with popular newsletter publishing platforms and marketing tools in the future, such as MailChimp, ConvertKit, Klaviyo and SubStack

As of now, you can copy and paste content from your newsletter directly into these ESPs without corrupting the formatting. We are constantly working to expand our list of integrations to better serve our users’ needs.

Who can use the Neural Newsletters app?

Anyone who runs a newsletter business, whether you’re a solo operator or a larger team, can benefit from this app. It’s also ideal for those running multiple newsletters on various topics.

Ecommerce business owners can use it nurture customer loyalty and boost sales through personalized newsletters.

It’s even great for researchers, non-profits, educators and bloggers who have email lists waiting to be engaged with mind-blowing content.

How does the AI-powered content generation work?

The AI engine reads and summarizes the articles you select in your chosen tone. It reduces the need for human intervention, thus saving you time and cost associated with content creation.

Can I select my articles from anywhere on the web?

Yes, you can manually add URLs of articles you find on the web and the app will retain all articles you’ve selected.

Can I edit the AI-generated summaries?

Absolutely. The newsletter editor allows you to drag and drop elements and edit content using markdown syntax. Your changes are automatically saved to prevent any loss.

What email service providers is Neural Newsletters compatible with?

The newsletters generated by the app can be exported to any email service provider, such as Beehive, Klaviyo, Substack, and ConvertKit.

Can I reuse content from my previous newsletters?

Yes, all newsletters are saved and can be reused or edited as you see fit.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, if you’re unsatisfied with the app or find it doesn’t function as intended, you can request a refund within 30 days, no questions asked.

Is there a community for Neural Newsletters users?

Yes, when you sign up for the app, you gain access to a private Slack group where you can discuss and help guide the roadmap for the app’s development.

What makes Neural Newsletters different from competitors?

Neural Newsletters allows you to automate the entire process of newsletter creation, from research to writing and editing. It provides real-time news, allowing you to publish information before competitors, giving you an edge in the market.

How much does Neural Newsletters cost?

$97/month for the all-access plan. You can create an unlimited number of newsletters.

Can I try Neural Newsletters for free?

No, we currently don’t offer a free plan.

Who can I contact if I have more questions or need support?

We’re here to help! If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team by sending us an email at